Spring Bucket List- Progress Update

June 20, 2017 Comments Off on Spring Bucket List- Progress Update

At the beginning of the season I wrote my spring bucket list. Summer will be here in a few short days, so I took the opportunity to check on my progress for the list. I’m proud that I completed some things on my list, those things that were not marked off will roll over to my summer bucket list.

Although everything wasn’t completed, I did some new things that were not on my list. So that makes up for the missed opportunities.

A few of the things I completed I do not have pictures for are:

  • Attend Arts Festival
  • Achieve Blog Goals
  • I read 3 books this season



Just in case you missed my original list!



Tracking the progress of your bucket list is important because it holds you accountable and forces you to do what you truly desire. Looking back on my list gives me a sense of gratitude because I completed so many things. I am excited for my summer bucket list.


How did you do on your spring bucket list?




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