10 Things I Know For Sure……(About Myself)

July 11, 2017 Comments Off on 10 Things I Know For Sure……(About Myself)

I am an avid listener to a podcast by Black Girl In Om. I am playing catch up, still listening to the last season. The most recent  episode I listened to titled “10 Things I Know for Sure”, the hosts shared pieces in life that they feel they’ve mastered. It got me to thinking about what I know for sure in my own life, and more specifically what I know for sure about myself.  This statement can be fit in many area of our lives, and is a great journaling topic. I’ve decided to make this somewhat of a series, each piece will focus on a different aspect of life. Today’s focus is 10 Things I Know For Sure….About Myself. 


1. Traveling keeps me sane….

Although  I  don’t travel as much as I would like to, I seem to always take a trip at the right time. Usually around the time that I start feeling bored and need adventure. Travel is rejuvenating, and gives me a break from my day to day routine.

2. I’m not your typical 36 year old woman….

and I’m OK with that. I’m sure there are quite a few black women in their mid-thirties, no kids, never married and desires to live a nomadic lifestyle. I would be surprised if we were not in the minority.


3. I’ve never been more comfortable in my own skin as I am right now….

I figured this out when I began wearing crop tops non stop. I’ve always been petite and had the shape to wear them, but not the desire or boldness. I don’t know if it’s the natural hair that has made me more daring or what, but I love it.

4. I need some me time….

Like Heather Headley said “not some you and some I, just some me time”. I am very much an introvert and after spending hours around people, I need alone time to be revitalized.


5. I have the power to create my own reality…

I understand that if you don’t put in the work to have your ideal lifestyle, it won’t magically appear in your lap.


6. Creating jewelry makes me happy…

People spend a lifetime trying to figure out their passions, and I know that I am the happiest when I am making jewelry. I can get lost in designing for hours.


7. Quality over quantity is best in friendships…

My longest friendship has been 27 years, we met when we were 9 and I love her to death. Another friendship is 10+ years strong, and my other closest girls are my cousin and sister, which of course I’ve known them all my life. If I call you a friend that means you are very dear to me.


8. I’m OK with not being a mom….

 All of my childhood fantasies involved me living in NYC  and  working in fashion, no children around. Because I have been without children for so long, I’m quite selfish and love being able to come and go as I please.


9. Going natural is one of the best decisions I’ve made so far….

I absolutely love being natural, it fits my personality so well. It’s been 6 years since my big chop, and honestly I can’t believe that I didn’t do this sooner in life.


10. Love truly has no color….

Dating outside of my race hasn’t happened yet, but I’m completely open to it. I know quite a few black women who have ventured out and they love it. It may happen to me next.


What do you know for sure?




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