40 Things To Do Without Company

August 14, 2017 Comments Off on 40 Things To Do Without Company

I am a huge advocate for doing things solo. It all started when I lived in NYC by myself. I didn’t know anyone and instead of sitting in the house, I perused the city on my own. I went to restaurants, bars, museums, the movie theater, window shopped, the bookstore and and more all on my own. Having to be solo out of circumstance sparked a desire that I can’t get rid of.

Now I almost always want to do things without a partner. My favorite solo activity would have to be travel. On my bucket list is to travel solo, internationally.

Most people are afraid to do things by themselves, there is the fear of being judged or looking awkward while doing certain things alone. There is strength in having the confidence to be alone, no plus one. Eating alone in a restaurant gives you time to be in silence, time to think. Break out your journal and enjoy some good writing time. Get lost in the pages of your favorite book at a wine bar. As I’m writing this post I’m at a wine bar enjoying a glass of Green Apple Riesling, just me.

If you need a jump start on things to do solo, I’ve created a list for you:

  1. Go to the movies ( a matinee is even better, it’s cheaper)
  2. Eat at your favorite restaurant
  3. Go window shopping in the trendy part of your city
  4. Go for a walk
  5.  Have a picnic in the park
  6. Go on a staycation in a fabulous hotel
  7. Stay overnight in a neighboring city
  8. Catch a flight somewhere you’ve always wanted to go
  9. Attend a tour in your city i.e, food tour
  10. Take a class, something creative i.e., dance, art
  11. Happy Hour
  12. Take a yoga class; bonus if it includes meditation
  13. Attend a networking event
  14. Listen to live music
  15. People watch in a high traffic area
  16. Go to an art museum
  17. Go to church or another religious event
  18. Watch live spoken word
  19. Go to a festival
  20. Search on eventbrite and go to a cool event in your city
  21. Attend a singles event (if you’re single of course)
  22. Go dancing
  23. Find a place that is your go-to alone spot, for me it’s a coffee shop and a wine bar
  24. Watch the sunrise or sunset
  25. Go to the gym
  26. Find an interesting group on meetup.org and meet up with new people
  27. Go on your ideal date
  28. Volunteer
  29. Visit your favorite spa and get a massage
  30. Get lost in a bookstore
  31. Have self-care Sunday
  32. Write your bucket list
  33. Get in the car and drive around town, no destination
  34. Stay at home, no t.v., no phone, just music
  35. Find new music to listen to
  36. Listen to a podcast
  37. Write affirmations
  38. Find a new blog to read
  39. Make a playlist of your favorite music
  40. Write a gratitude list

What else would you add to this list?







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