Self-Care Sunday

August 8, 2017 Comments Off on Self-Care Sunday

A couple of weeks ago I went to a self-care Sunday event hosted by The Phoenix Rising Collective, founded by Ayanna Jordan and it was amazing. The Collective inspires women to be self-love in action. I found out about this event through, and I knew immediately that I wanted to attend. In order to force myself to go, I purchased a ticket right away so that I would not back out. 

As the day drew nearer, I have to admit I grew more and more nervous, because I was going by myself and wouldn’t know anyone there. On Sunday, I got my butt out of bed, grabbed my yoga mat, journal and headed to get some self-care. 

The event is called iThrive, it’s geared towards women who are ready to give themselves love, care, support and healing before giving it to others. The theme was Creating Personal Affirmations & Learning Mindfulness Techniques and Exercises.

The event was held at the beautiful Roots Gallery here in Columbus, Ohio. The Gallery is an African inspired art gallery where most pieces are directly from the continent itself. It’s such a great space, it is a house turned into a gallery, therefore it has an extremely cozy feel.

When I attend events where I may need to be vulnerable, I prefer a small intimate group, and that’s exactly what I got. I believe there were 8 attendees including myself, along with 2 moderators. The group of ladies were diverse from race, age, single, wives, mothers etc.

 First, we all met outside in the backyard where we paired up and got to know our partner. Small talk is very hard for me, so immediately I felt anxiety knowing I would have to talk about myself to a stranger, who I probably had nothing in common with. Boy was I wrong. I felt very comfortable talking to her, and we had so much in common despite our 10 year age difference. We found out we were both teachers who loved teaching mindfulness to our students, we were creatives and wanted something new for our lives. That activity opened me up for the remainder of the day.

We did some journaling which was my absolute favorite part. We were asked questions such as “When do you feel depleted?” and the follow-up question was the opposite “When do you thrive?”. We had to write continuously, not lifting the pen off of the paper until the timer went off. I wrote one sentence and I got stuck, then remembered that I couldn’t stop writing and the words began to flow. The journaling experience was very enlightening and I actually learned new things about myself.

Writing affirmations was also great, although I knew how to do it, it was still nice to think of some affirmations on the spot. I am still a beginner at meditating so every chance I get to learn more about it I take it. Our meditation was nice, because Ayanna, the moderator, told us to think of one word such as “peace”, that we could focus on when our minds started drifting. I’ve never meditated in that way, so I received a new experience. 

I know I said journaling was my favorite part, but I think just conversing with other like-minded women was a close second. We had open conversation with each other, receiving feedback from the group on topics that connected us all in one way or another. I would attend this event just for the conversation alone. 

I’m so excited to have found an event again where I can meet like-minded women and get some self-care. If you are in Columbus you should attend the next one. 

How do you spend Self-Care Sunday?



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