Why I Chose Self-Love As My Intention for 2018

January 4, 2018 0 Comments

I spent the morning of New Year’s Eve in a yoga/meditation class called Awaken. This just seemed like the perfect way to start the New Year.  So on this cold, snowy morning, I trekked my way downtown in the snow to get my mind right, and to my surprise so did many other people. I was a bit nervous walking in and seeing all of those people. This particular studio prides itself on the intimate class size, but I swallowed my fear, and placed my yoga mat in the back of the class. Until they told us to turn around, surprise, now I am in the front row, right in front of the instructor.

As soon as I went into child’s pose and found my breath, I forgot about being in the front row and did not care who was staring at me from behind. As we inhaled what we did not want to take into the New Year, we exhaled something more positive that we wanted to bring with us. The consistent question was “What is your intention for 2018?”  I had a few thoughts, but the one thing that continued to stick with me was Self-Love.

As I thought about this intention even after the class, it struck me that Self-Love is not just about self-esteem or self-confidence, because honestly I have both of those. But what I need more of is knowing my self-worth, putting myself first, saying no and indulging in more self-care.

This is my first time setting an intention, and I honestly like it more than just setting a goal. It just feels more open-ended when I say, “My intention is to practice Self-Love” it encompasses so many things. I literally am thinking about things that happen in my life and before I make a choice, I ask myself “does this honor me?” For example, the day before NYE, an acquaintance asked if I could help him with his NYE event, and in return, I would have free admission. I planned to stay in on NYE and I really wanted to keep it like that. Because of my people-pleasing personality, I asked more about what I would be doing, but I never said yes I would do it. Much to my surprise, I received a message telling me my name was on the list and to be there at 9:30. My eyes widened as I read it, I panicked a little, and re-read my messages, as I knew that I had not committed to the event. For a split second, I considered going since he assumed I would be there, but deep down inside I did not want to go. Now, my mind is racing thinking how I am going to tell him I am not coming without being an inconvenience, or being rude or letting him down. I talked it over with my sister and after our conversation; I knew I had to honor myself. I responded with a polite message, and I stayed in on NYE, as I had planned. He never responded, and I held on to that briefly, but I am learning that when I honor myself, I cannot control how the other person feels.

My two tips in setting your own intentions would be:

  1. Keep it positive

Setting an intention is a positive act, so instead of saying, “stop stressing so much” you can say “Walk in peace and love”. The latter sounds obtainable, by walking in peace in love you are already cutting the stress out of your life.


  1. Keep it open-ended

When an intention is open-ended, it is adaptable to many situations, and  you will not feel the pressure of a deadline. It becomes more of a lifestyle versus a goal.


What are your intentions for 2018? I would love to hear them!



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